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Car Wash Premium AGENDA UNA CITA Excelencia en el servicio We know life can get busy so we diver at your home or Office to wash your car at your convenience. AGENDA UNA CITA



I love my car to be always clean but a commitment to my Job, Family, and Hobbies didn’t allow me to drive to a car wash centers. Also, I would loose 1 hour worth of time to get a car wash (Driving to Car Wash, standing in a queue to get the car clean and then drive back home). We are starting this car wash as a service across the entire United States so you can conveniently enjoy our service and have your car cleaned, on demand and as per your convenience.

Nuestro Servicio

Car wash as service allows you to use your time wisely and focus on activities that are more important to you. We will take care to wash your car at your home or office. Just let us know the date and a time window that works for you.


Select the Location, Time Window and Type of Service for your car wash


Our Car Wash Crew will wash the car


You take quick look at your car and rate your car wash experience


We will take before pictures of your car


We will take after pictures of your car


Once your rate your car wash the payment will be released or with 4 hours after the car wash whatever is first.

Our Delighted Customers

Cómo Lavamos

Tu Auto

Soak the car with water using pressure wash.

Apply eco friedly bio-degradable soap.

Pressure wash and rinse the car.

Under chasis car wash.

Clean tire rims.

Dry the car with soft cotton cloth.

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to home


What you need to enjoy the car wash service at your doorstep.

Outdoor faucet so we can get water for our pressure wash mahcine.
Electric connection for our pressure wash.
Park your car so our crew has at least 3 feet in all sides to walk and clean your car.

Nuestro Equipo

This is an opportunity to invest your time and hard work and convert in into dollars. The opportunity gets you an earning potential and flexible schedule. I understand hard work needs to be rewarded and we will make sure you are compensated well. To be in business we need to keep our customer happy and I look for that commitment from you.

What you need to get started


Pressure Wash machine


Water hose

50 feet expandable



car wash soap


Sponge to

apply the soap


Cotton Towels

to dry the car

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